Claiming for compensations in case of flight delays

Flight delays

In today’s world, flight delays have become a major problem and the ways to cope up and reach the destination in case of a flight delay are more difficult. Nowadays, mainly the lifestyle of people has also changed, so, a delay of a few hours can result in a huge loss. So, according to law, it is totally legal for the passengers to ask for compensation and the corresponding arrangements for reaching the destination in such a way that the losses are minimal for the passengers from the airlines company. Well, though it is completely legal and the right of the passengers to expect the compensations in the European countries, there are some rules and regulations for asking of compensations or services. Let us take a look at the conditions in which the airlines companies are liable to pay compensation. Nur wenn die folgenden Bedingungen erfüllt sind, zahlen Fluggesellschaften bei einer Flugverspätung eine Entschädigung an die Fluggäste aus.

The conditions in which an airlines company is liable to pay compensation

First of all, the airlines company is liable to pay an amount as compensation only in case the flight delay is more than three hours as according to law, the flight is only considered to be cancelled for claiming compensation in case the delay of flight is more than 3 hours. Apart from that, the amount of compensation will depend on the distance of travel of the flight. It is somewhat like, if your flight has been delayed which was less than 1,500 km, you will be getting around $270, in case the flight which was cancelled was of distance 1,500 km to 3,500 km, you will be allowed a compensation of around $440. In both the cases, the delay should have to be more than 3 hours. It will be deemed to have been canceled only after 3 hours of delay. Now, in case, the flight delay was of more than 4 hours and the distance of more than 3,500 km, you will have the right to claim a compensation of $660. So, you should know the exact amounts and the distance of the flight trip which was delayed. Apart from the compensations, the airlines companies should be providing the passengers with refreshments, foods and also accommodation in case the delay is overnight. In other words, the airlines company has to look after the passengers in case of a flight delay.

Anyways, in case, the cause of the airlines delay is any special reason or natural reason like any storm or in case the delay is caused due to the volcanic clouds, the airlines company will not be liable for compensation. In reality, the term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ or the special causes can also be used wrongly by the companies and there is no strict rule for the causes. So, that has to be strictly specified by the passengers while claiming compensation.

Now, in case your flight has been delayed, you should talk to the other passengers and take their views, take pictures, be organized for being stronger while claiming for compensations. For more information about flight delays and compensations, visit

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