People like shopping. They like to go out from home and discover unbelievable things. I mean the earth is surrounded by some great things that you would like to buy. You see many people every year buying many things every day. The givnechy bags will amaze those people who love shopping.

The Givenchy bags are the sensation of the shopping world. If you see online this bags are sold in numbers every day. And that is also because it has become a popular brand in recent time. The reason because Givenchy bags are very popular is they are very stylish cool and fashionable and comes at affordable prices. If you are going to a party you need a good accessory beside a god dress and good makeup.


Barneys has stocked the smooth calf and python versions at $2126 and $5251, respectively. The Box calf Antigona medium is priced at $2226 while the rubberized canvas will cost you $2,091, via Net-a-Porter. On the other hand, you will be able to order the grained leather medium bag with Perspex Accents via Luisaviaroma at $2951. You will get the mixed elaphe snakeskin and grained goatskin Antigona bags for $4891 and $2436 respectively. Both are available at Neiman Marcus. The same store has the bag in smooth calfskin with contrast stitching and will cost you $3085.

There more in Givenchy bags.Like clutches and sling bags. Many of you already might have been thinking of trying these things. So why you are wasting time go and grab your own Givenchy bag.

Clutches are fancy accessories that go well with any kind of dresses and it also suits everyone. You can get antigona clutch of various types and leather. The medium envelop clutch is available in rubberized leather, grained goatskin, smooth embossed calfskin and mixed snakeskin.. The small envelop clutches are available in metallic goatskin and crocodile leather. You can also choose the raw edge envelop clutch of Givenchy Antigona. You will get these clutches Saks, Barneys, Marcus, Net-A-Porter, and Matchfashion.com.


You might be thinking what would be like. I will like to say that Givenchy bags have become the pillars of fashion world. If you look back in last ten years you will not be able to find such a brand which gives you so much of happiness in a single brand. I mean I would be surprised if any other brand can afford to give you so much of style and quality in such a cheap price.

Givenchy bags in a simple word are the brand on which you can trust. The leather quality, the style they put in to the accessory and the way colors gloom are incredible in a word. So if you are looking forward to have Givenchy bag this season just order it online. But before you go for Givenchy check the reviews because you must be sure what are you buying what they are providing.

Green coffee pills in Germany- What makes them special?

Today’s generation wants everything natural, whether it be face packs or dietary supplements. In Germany too, the trend is no different, in the past few years there has been a dramatic rise is dietary pills and supplements with natural ingredients. Pills such as ADVANA TONE and SLIMSONA has taken the market by a storm. The major composition of these pills is Green coffee extracts, which is actually unroasted coffee or coffee in its native state. The composition provides these pills an edge over others. Researchers have proved the mantle of Green coffee extracts in inducing weight loss. Let us talk about these all natural pills separately and see how these pills are different from their contemporaries:


This weight loss pill has taken the weight loss market by surprise, with staggering results. The proof is that even Hollywood celebrities are said to be taking this pill. Advana tone is made up of extracts from unroasted coffee or to say Green coffee and is thus a store house of Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic acid is highly effective ingredient of this pill which leads to fat reduction.

This pill has a two tonged strategy on one hand it reduces the glucose secretion in your body, forcing your body to utilized the stored fats and thus you start losing the extra weight. On the other hand Advana tone dwindles your urge for food, by making you feel filled, all the time. This in turn helps to check overeating. The intake is quite simple (advised by physician) and does not require any dietary restrictions. Apart from working on the weight frontier this pill also increases overall vitality, brings about comforting emotions and reduces blood sugar. Thus giving us a complete package of good looks and health.



Again a pill with great calibre and diverse functions Slimsona is a slimming pill made from Green coffee extracts. This pill has in store the goodness of nature and has been statistically established as an effective weight loss product. This pill helps to lower sugar levels, increases the amounts of antioxidants in the body (flushing out the toxins), lowers cholesterol and increases the natural immunity of the body. All this is made possible due to the presence of Chlorogenic acid which also helps to break down the fat.


Special features

As discussedabove, green coffee pills boast of an all-natural composition Grüner Kaffee-Extrakte which makes them special and different from other dietary pills, which have chemical compositions. These pills are not just dietary pills, along with their main function of inducing weight loss- they also bring about other health benefits like lowering sugar levels, cholesterol and bringing about a general feeling of well-being. While you are consuming these pills unlike other slimming products you are not required to go out on a diet. These natural pills do not reduce the level of energy in your body in-fact bring about vitality, they don’t have any serious side effects and prevent a yo-yo effect which is quite common among other pills without green coffee extracts.






In today’s world life has become hectic. Everyone is working day to night to earn money. People working at private firms and other sectors feel the heat most. In between all this most people put on weight. That is the most common problem of the youth generation. Research shows that this is a very common problem in female. Most men workout at gyms to stay fit but women in that case find it tough. But here comes the solution of all these problems. Now you don’t have to lift heavy weights at gym to lose pounds. You have probably heard aboutGREEN COFFEE AND GARCINIA CAMBOGIA already. This amazing product helps you to reduce extra fat from your body in just few weeks. And in recent time most doctors have prescribed this medicine to lose unwanted fat.


Research shows that, this is the most impressive product in modern time to lose unwanted fat. The manufacturers have spent three months on the product and the reports are like this. 150 out of 230 patients who have taken this medicine regularly have lost 4 to 5 pounds per week. This medicine actually boosts your metabolic rate, which helps you to burn calories. It increases serotonin levels, which create a positive effect on your mood, appetite and sleep as well. But now the question is which one is best for you. People find it tough to choose between these two products. Now we have the exact description of the products, which will help you to select the best.


The main active ingredient in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid. The acid forces the body to use the reserved fat stored inside the body and also reduces the percentage of glucose in blood. Now to get effective results one must take the supplement containing 45 % chlorogenic acid. You need to take 400mg thrice a day to get effective results. The product is very much safe, but the diabetics must be careful before taking the supplement.


In this product the main active ingredient is the hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This is product for them who follow a strict diet and eat less. The product immediately after taken increases the serotonin levels in brain and brain stops thinking about eating food. Which passively lessens your urge for food and as a result you stop gaining unwanted fat. To make it effective the user must take a dose around 800mg containing more than 60% HCA. This product also doesn’t have side effects but users are requested if they have any health issues they must consult to doctor before taking the supplements.Read more about Advana Tone here.


Some people ask that can they take GREEN COFFEE AND GARCINIA CAMBOGIA both to make it more effective. Well, that’s still not answered by manufacturers. So, no need to lose confidence because of extra weight. Start taking GREEN COFFEE AND GARCINIA CAMBOGIA and you will feel the difference.

Claiming for compensations in case of flight delays

Flight delays

In today’s world, flight delays have become a major problem and the ways to cope up and reach the destination in case of a flight delay are more difficult. Nowadays, mainly the lifestyle of people has also changed, so, a delay of a few hours can result in a huge loss. So, according to law, it is totally legal for the passengers to ask for compensation and the corresponding arrangements for reaching the destination in such a way that the losses are minimal for the passengers from the airlines company. Well, though it is completely legal and the right of the passengers to expect the compensations in the European countries, there are some rules and regulations for asking of compensations or services. Let us take a look at the conditions in which the airlines companies are liable to pay compensation. Nur wenn die folgenden Bedingungen erfüllt sind, zahlen Fluggesellschaften bei einer Flugverspätung eine Entschädigung an die Fluggäste aus.

The conditions in which an airlines company is liable to pay compensation

First of all, the airlines company is liable to pay an amount as compensation only in case the flight delay is more than three hours as according to law, the flight is only considered to be cancelled for claiming compensation in case the delay of flight is more than 3 hours. Apart from that, the amount of compensation will depend on the distance of travel of the flight. It is somewhat like, if your flight has been delayed which was less than 1,500 km, you will be getting around $270, in case the flight which was cancelled was of distance 1,500 km to 3,500 km, you will be allowed a compensation of around $440. In both the cases, the delay should have to be more than 3 hours. It will be deemed to have been canceled only after 3 hours of delay. Now, in case, the flight delay was of more than 4 hours and the distance of more than 3,500 km, you will have the right to claim a compensation of $660. So, you should know the exact amounts and the distance of the flight trip which was delayed. Apart from the compensations, the airlines companies should be providing the passengers with refreshments, foods and also accommodation in case the delay is overnight. In other words, the airlines company has to look after the passengers in case of a flight delay.

Anyways, in case, the cause of the airlines delay is any special reason or natural reason like any storm or in case the delay is caused due to the volcanic clouds, the airlines company will not be liable for compensation. In reality, the term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ or the special causes can also be used wrongly by the companies and there is no strict rule for the causes. So, that has to be strictly specified by the passengers while claiming compensation.

Now, in case your flight has been delayed, you should talk to the other passengers and take their views, take pictures, be organized for being stronger while claiming for compensations. For more information about flight delays and compensations, visit http://flugverspaetungsrecht.de/